Atacames Gallery

The Mission in Ecuador

We Trust in Him Ministries established The House of Jesus in Atacames, Ecuador in 2016. Working with Pastor Jairo Camacho, the church is rapidly growing in outreach, transforming the community with salvation and hope through the Lord Jesus Christ. Each day 120 children are fed a hot meal while attending after school tutoring, along with Bible classes and computer classes. The House of Jesus has a medical clinic working with local doctor to provide pharmaceutical supplies. We Trust in Him built a chicken farm and planted a vegetable garden, and has purchased a fishing boat.

New Playground - Spring 2023

These are photos of the park and new play-ground showing God’s continued work in Atacames, Ecuador.

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Children of Atacames

Our Heavenly Father has brought hope and salvation to the children of Atacames. With joy in their heart and a smile on their faces, it is a true miracle that they hold onto a hope-filled future as they continue to live in abject poverty and despair.

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The House of Jesus

The House of Jesus has brought hope and salvation to a people who live in a not-so-safe part of town. Atacames has a high rate of violence, alcohol, drugs, and prostitution, with the youngest girl being the age of 13 years old.

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Living Conditions

Atacames, Ecuador children struggle with generational poverty, malnutrition, undernourishment, and poor education. The river is polluted, providing no clean water for cooking or bathing, and there is no plumbing for bathrooms.

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Vocational Training

Vocational training is available for electrical work and nursing.See Photos