Mission & Goals

Our mission is to bring salvation and hope to starving children, widows, and needy families who are in desperate need in impoverished countries.

Those around him also have the same privilege. Fortunately, we believe that God has surrounded us with those who will accept the challenge of this hour.

Our mission allows us to

  • Give up, at any moment, all that we are in order to become all that we can become
  • Sense the invisible so we can do the impossible
  • Trust God’s resources, since the mission is bigger than all our abilities and acquaintances
  • Continue when discouraged, for when there is no faith in the future there is no power in the present
  • Attract winners, because big dreams draw big people
  • See our people and others in the future. Our mission is the promise of what one day shall be

Yes, we have a mission. It is greater than any of our gifts. It is as large as the world, but it begins with one. Won’t you join us?


Building strong teams in meeting the mission statement.

Put a ministry plan together for the purpose of getting donations to meet the mission statement.

Form teams to help build distribution centers to distribute food, water, clothing and pharmaceutical supplies.

Create advisory boards to assist in raising funds and making recommendations for the new churches with distribution centers.

Open up new We Trust In Him chapters throughout our great Christian country.

To show and tell the glorious work of the Heavenly Father in bringing salvation and hope to those who live in abject poverty and just trying to survive.