COVID-19 Grocery Distribution

Atacames, Ecuador


May 6, 2020

Dear Fellow Christian Brothers & Sisters,

Help! Help! The children and families of the House of Jesus community in Atacames, Ecuador, and Maranatha Church, children and families of Dr. Manovah’s congregation, and the We Trust In Him Children’s Home in Kathahalli, India, are praying for God to relieve them of the terrible covid virus plaguing their countries. They have NO funds to buy food, NO food banks to go to, NO unemployment checks and absolutely NO government assistance available – just think what we would do if we had no help from our government and no access to food and medical supplies!  That is why the children and families are crying out for help to fellow Christian brothers and sisters to survive through this devastating time.

Would you consider partnering with We Trust in Him to provide food and medical supplies to help these individuals desperately trying to survive?

With a giving heart, the President and Founder will match your gift of survival to Ecuador and India with One Hundred Percent (100%) of the donated funds going directly to the field.  Your tax-deductible survival gift of $20, $50, $100, or whatever God puts on your heart, is urgently needed to help provide food and medical supplies for people living day by day in abject poverty.

“He who gives to the poor lacks nothing…” Proverbs 28:27

Your generous gift can be made in two different ways:

By check made payable to We Trust in Him and mailed to:

We Trust in Him
414 Hamilton Blvd., Suite 302
Peoria, IL 61602


By PayPal.  Click here to go to our donation page and click the “Donate” Button.  You will be taken to a PayPal page to complete your donation.

Bless you and may God keep you safe, healthy, and prosperous.

Larry L. Hartley
President & Founder
We Trust in Him