We Trust in Him

Mission Trip

April 4, 2019 to April 10, 2019

Wow!  How do I explain the spiritual experience Bob Knapp, Jim Finch and myself had in Atacames, Ecuador at the Foundation House of Jesus community? Our mission trip was filled with love, fellowship, and seeing the glorious work of the Heavenly Father in the House of Jesus community.  We saw hope and salvation in the faces of the children and families.  The Heavenly Father is changing the culture of the community.

We visited the nurses training facility in which was started with 17 students at the House of Jesus with 1 doctor.  Now they have 90 to 100 students and 4 doctors in different stages of training.  The nurses training school had to be transferred to another area for two reasons:  outgrown the present one and an electrical school of 42 students is now at the host facility Later on, we will have testimony from some of the students on what the school means to them.  Plus, there is a school for welding, motor taxi mechanics, and a beauty school on the drawing board.

Because of God’s work at the House of Jesus community, Paulina Gonzalon, from the Ecuadorian government, works in vocational training for the poor.  Paulina has 400 on her team and an additional 700 volunteers in different providences in Ecuador.  We met with Paulina Sunday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. before she had to leave to visit with the mayor.  What a delightful Christian woman.  In the last 4 years they have graduated 23,000 nurses’ aides, which also work with special needs patients: help during disasters, such as earthquakes, etc. plus make a living for them and their families.

Paulina was so taken back by what was taking place in the House of Jesus community and heard that We Trust in Him was funding the purchase of the 2 lots adjacent to the House of Jesus building and committed to build a 2-story building of approximately 8000 square feet and house the schools we have discussed.  She went to the mayor, who now is going to supply a drawing or rendering of the building at no charge.  The House of Jesus will be the first pilot program like this for the country of Ecuador.  Paulina and her team for the providence, will have an office at the new addition that is being added on to the Foundation House of Jesus structure.  Glory be to the God of provisions.

Also, glory be to God for spiritual healing.  On Sunday night at church, Pastor Jairo called Jim up to the altar.  With pillows for his head and arms, the Pastor and his wife, Diana, anointed Jim with oil and the congregation all prayed for Jim’s spiritual healing.  You felt the presence of the Holy Spirit among us.  The Pastor, Diana, Sergio myself and many others were hugging Jim with love and affection.   Praise the Lord for His grace, mercy and endless love.  I wish I could convey all the glorious work of the Heavenly Father and the brilliant light of Christ Jesus in the community.