$17,000 Matching Challenge Grant

Dear Donors and Friends of We Trust In Him,

I am excited to share with all of you our recent news from Father Joe Maiocco and the St. John’s  Congregation!  Our organization, WTIH has been designated to receive the St. John’s Episcopal Church Matching Challenge Grant of $17,000.00.  The Outreach Committee reviewed our application and pertinent information of what WTIH has done and continues to do and again were impressed with our efforts as we continue our mission in Ecuador and India.

In accepting this matching grant proposal, I know with God’s help we can meet the “challenge”!  We can work together in building an even stronger mission of building powerful salvation and hope with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these children, widows, and needy families. Our organization has been given the opportunity to match this grant and meet this challenge and I know we can be successful!

At this time, we are most appreciative of all donations made regularly and also whenever possible.  We are asking as this special challenge has been given to all of us, that we first thank God for this generous gift challenge and secondly that we ask Him to give us strength and resources to make this happen at every level!

I am so grateful for each one of you.  You have given light and hope to so many and I thank God for you daily.  Please consider our special “challenge” at this time.  Of course, additional donations are greatly appreciated, but we encourage prayers of support also for this mission and for the family members who are just trying to survive day to day.

In God’s Love,


Larry L. Hartley
Founder & President
We Trust In Him